Journey's End is just getting under way and we are very excited to share our projects with you. Here is a taste of what we've done.


Dir. Mike Castro (2018)

5 mins

“Our Picture”

Stephen and Erin want someone to take their picture. Really anyone. Please send help.


Dir. Mike Castro (2017)

5 mins

"You're Going to Die Tonight"

Ben is about to go to sleep when he hears his wife whisper in her sleep: "You're going to die tonight."


Dir. Mike Castro (2017)

4 mins


Sara discovers a playful ghost residing in her new apartment. Soon she realizes that there may be more to this spirit than fun and games.

Featured on Film Shortage.


Dir. Mike Castro (2016)

3 mins

"The Misunderstanding"

That moment in the movie where there's a ridiculous misunderstanding. A comedy sketch starring Elisabeth Ness and Joshua Radford.

Featured on the homepage of Funny or Die.


Dir. Mike Castro (2016)

8 mins

"7 Rules"

A woman is house sitting a stranger's home and is left a list of 7 rules that she must follow. A horror/comedy short starring Sarah Heveron-Smith and Samantha Livingston.

Featured on Film Shortage and Crypt TV.


Dir. Mike Castro (2015)

23 mins

"Dinner party murder party"

When Jeff decides it's time he and his wife throw a dinner party, somebody decides to cut down the guest list. Brace yourselves for a movie about a whole lot of phone calls... and even more murder. A horror/mystery/comedy starring Simon Gibson and Allison Clark.


And here are some projects that are still in production...

"A Wrinkle in Tim"

Dir. Mike Castro (TBD)

8 mins


"Stay Indoors"

Dir. Mike Castro (TBD)

12 mins