The Journey continues...


Our Story

We were a small band of NYC based media professionals, hardened from years in the industry. Eventually it was decided that we had to find a creative outlet that would allow us to start making the type of movies that we wanted to see in theaters.  This outlet became JOURNEY'S END.

Journey's End is a production company run on indie filmmaking principals. We don't turn down challenges-- we come up with solutions to make them work. As a great captain once said, "I don't believe in the no-win scenario."

With our first two short films, DINNER PARTY MURDER PARTY (New Filmmakers New York Official Selection 2016) and 7 RULES (Grove Film Festival Official Selection 2016), our love of genre filmmaking has been put on full display. The success of our most recent comedy sketch THE MISUNDERSTANDING (featured by Funny or Die) has us very excited for what the future will bring. 

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Mike Castro

Founder, Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor 

Mike Lewis

Founder, Writer, Composer, Editor

Kelsey Olafson

Producer, Hair & Make-up, Casting Director, Actor

Sarah Sanders

Art Director, Props Manager

Bobby Carlisto

Producer, Writer, Production Assistant

Sean Bartlett

Producer, Writer, Actor

Joshua Radford

Producer, Writer, Actor

I’ve always been interested in the camera and the effects of it - that’s what drew me to film in the first place.
— Sam Raimi